IT Industrial Training

6 Week Python Summer Training

Python is high intensity language, which is broadly used for common purpose programming as it assimilates with your systems more efficiently. It runs on all the operating systems like Linux/Unix, Mac OS and Windows etc. It has also been ported to the Java and .NET virtual machines. As it has an open source license, it is free to use even for marketable products. With the use of Python, programmers can program a particular function in slighter lines of codes as evaluated to other programming languages. Also, it develops the readability of the code. It assists to programs both huge scale and small scale programs simply and efficiently. Aptech Malviya Nagar introduces a 6 week python summer training for aspirants who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skill set.
Python is basically a high level interpreted, interactive and OOPS language. It uses English keywords whereas other languages mostly use punctuations and it has very less syntactical construction.

Why Python?

  • Easy to learn
  • Simple to program in
  • Useful for industries as it assists cut development costs
  • Proficient of building apps that can hold heavy traffic without problems
  • Useful for developers who can add more features in an app easily and rapidly
  • Useful for associations as it permits them to reach everyone—whether to assemble a simple repeatable workflow or conduct a GIS analysis

Our highly experienced faculty here at Aptech has designed the python summer training course in such a way that it covers both the theoretical aspect and the practical aspect of python in a very thorough manner.

We provide students with the latest of the techniques which are currently in practice in the industry to ensure that they are on top of their field of expertise. Thus prepare them as per the present standards and requirements of the industry and make them the top choice for various employers of the field.

We provide our students with real time projects so as to make them ready for the industry and give them the experience of working in the corporate environment even before actually stepping into it.

We provide 24×7 assistance to students for placement upon completion of the training program.