6 Week Training Program Advanced Excel

Microsoft Excel is the mainly used spreadsheet application. Learning how to use Excel is a venture in both your private and professional life. Excel makes it simple to observe financial performance, such as business profit or loss, plan a budget, calculate payments on large purchases or stay organized with checklists.Aptech Malviya Nagar provides students with a 6 week training program advanced excel in order to enhance their skills and increase their worth in the industry.

Advanced Microsoft Excel education class is considered for students to grow the skills needed to use pivot tables, collaborate with others, utilize data tools, audit and analyze worksheet data, create and manage macros.

This course has been designed by our experienced faculty in such a manner that it covers all the basic as well as advanced level features of Excel. Professionals with thorough knowledge of Excel have a large number of job opportunities as MIS (Management Information System) experts are required for every sector of the economy.
There are various types of reports and information which management of a company looks for; managers are expected to prepare these reports using various techniques available in spreadsheets so a good amount of knowledge of Excel is very essential to survive at such positions of the organizations. Mastering Excel is an add-on benefit for every individual trying to make his career in a management position of a company.
We provide 100% job assistance to aspirants upon completion of the course.

Course Effect

After doing this course, you will be measured a strong and proficient Excel professional. You will be prepared to take Microsoft certification exam after the successful conclusion of the course/program. This program will help you:

Discover new ways to visualize data

Determine new tools to share your work

Find latest and more proficient ways to analyse data

Cut hours of labour by using Pivot tables to analyse data

Learn the tricks to create professional graphs and charts