6 week summer training c-c++

C and C++ is most admired programming languages with application domains containing systems software, embedded software, device drivers, high-performance server ,application software and customer applications, and entertainment software such as video games. C++ is also used for hardware design, where the design is primarily expressed in C++, then analyzed, architecturally embarrassed and listed to build a register-transfer level hardware description language via high-level synthesis.Aptech Malviya Nagar provides a 6 week summer training c-c ++ language to individuals looking to enhance their skill set and secure a job of their desire.

Our experienced faculty of industry professionals have structured this training program in C and C++ in such a way that it provides the students with both practical and theoretical knowledge of the highest order.

Our course program is updated every now and then, according to the present industry standards. Our study program is designed to provide our aspirants with knowledge in various aspects of C and C ++ language like data types, variables, arrays, pointers, control flow statements, operands, operators and arithmetic expressions on real time projects, thus preparing them according to the actual atmosphere of the industry and thus turning them into an industry professional.
We are one of the best in terms of quality of education and placements. Placement is the most important part of any course, as it provides an opportunity to get the knowledge into practice.


  • Project completion certificate is rewarded by “APTECH MALVIYA NAGAR INSTITUTE”
  • Hands on Training are conveyed on “Real time Projects” by company specialists.
  • To decrease the gap between the college learning and Company experience.
  • To afford state of art, cutting edge customized software solutions to customers of different Companies.
  • Core and advanced features of every technology, are enclosed in interactive classroom sessions.
  • Topic Based Assignments are given to trainees to develop their programming skills.
  • Apprentices are helped by our committed team of HR executives in finding out proper job, after completion of the training.