vba macro programming training

Smart professional- VBA Macro Programming Training

VBA Macro Programming Training will help you to develop simple and useful programs (macros) or sophisticated and powerful programs (VBA procedures). Visual Basic for application enables user defined functions automating processes and accessing Windows application programming interfaces. It helps you to develop small macros to get rid of tedious repetitive tasks.
Our VBA & Macro Programming Training Course takes you up another step by giving you the ability to build your own macros and to write simple Visual Basic code.
VBA & Macro Programming Training Course ObjectivesAfter completing the VBA & Macro Programming Training course you will be able to record, edit and troubleshoot macros, understand the Excel Object Model, write manually simple programming routines in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) environment as well as reuse and adapt existing code.

Why VBA & Macro Programming Training Course ?

This Excel Macros and VBA course is for existing Excel users with a good understanding of Excel features who need to be able to automate a variety of tasks. Note: Unfortunately, Mac users can no longer program using VBA.

Course Prerequisites :

Familiarity with Excel at the intermediate level is sufficient. No prior knowledge of programming is required to attend this Excel Macros & VBA course.

Modules Covered in VBA Macro Programming Training :

  • Statistical Analysis using MS Excel
  • Programming Principles and Elementary Programming
  • Programming in VBA

You learn to :

  • Solve a analytical problems using MS Excel tools
  • Develop logic and programming skills using programming techniques
  • Use Programming constructs to write programs in C
  • Automate your tasks by writing Macros
  • Develop, test and modify VBA procedures (macros)

Total Duration :

This Training will run for 112 Hours

Job opportunities:

Smart Pro VBA & Macros programming gives you the required training to build a successful career as:

  • VBA developer
  • Excel analyst
  • Data analyst – VBA
  • VBA programmer
  • VBA macro developer