smart professional social analytics training

Smart Professional – Social & Analytics Training

In today’s fast paced world, trillions of bytes of data are generated daily through transactions, social media, and browsing.Businesses are now faced with the challenge of leveraging this flood of information into business strategies. Social Media Optimization helps organizations improve their organic search results, extend their reach and increase opportunities for people to link to their business. Smart professional social analytics training is a powerful tool that helps organizations improve customer satisfaction, identify patterns and trends and make smarter business decisions. The Social media analytics market is expected to grow to Rs. 183 billion by 2019.

Objective of Social & Analytic Course :

Smart Professional – Social & Analytics Training Program is one of the key aspects of digital marketing. It helps you to understand where visitors are coming from to your website (traffic source), their behavior, and webpages performance but, Smart Professional – Social & Analytics Training also helps to track and measure return on investment  (ROI) of marketing campaigns resulting in more leads, high sales conversion and increased brand awareness.

Module Covered

  • Building Next Generation Website
  • Statistical Analysis using MS Excel
  • Introduction to Social Media &  SMO
  • Harnessing Social Media on Mobile
  • Online Advertising and Management
  • Optimize Web for Search Engines
  • Web Analytic & Reporting
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Project

You Learn to

  • Optimize Websites using search engine tools
  • Design interactive Websites using HTML5, CSS3 and javaScript
  • Use social media and SMO for interaction, communication and publicity
  • Use social media tools and techniques for mobile communication and publcity
  • Develop a project to track the site statistics aligning to business objectives and goals
  • Use Apps Reporting API to retrieve usage reports for your domain’s hosted accounts
  • Analyze a Website’s performance and generate reports using Analytics and Reporting tools

Smart Professional Social Analytics Training Course Duration :

Smart Pro Social & Analytics is a 9-months course. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.

Eligibility :

Graduates/ post-graduates/ working professionals/ MBA

Job opportunities:

Smart Pro Social & Analytics gives you the required training to build a successful career as:

  • SMO specialist
  • SEO professional
  • Data analytics professional
  • Digital marketing professional