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Having the knowledge of .NET is very essential for every developer or a tester working in the software industry. Learning this platform independent framework enables the individual to deploy and develop the web based and the windows based application in an efficient manner. As every graduate is not industry ready, so to make them industry ready, we provide 6 weeks training program focusing on practical knowledge and placement that will help students to enhance their skills which will lead them to placements in big MNCs. .Net Training program is conducted by our highly qualified, certified and experienced faculty who imparts their knowledge and thus helps an aspirant to enhance his skill set and gain in-depth knowledge of .NET.
.NET is a Microsoft Web service strategy to connect systems, people, information and devices through software. DOT NET technology enables us to build, deploy, manage and use connected security enhanced solutions with web services quickly. .NET technology provides the ability to businesses to integrate their systems in an agile way and help them realize the promise of information on any device anywhere and anytime.

Our.NET Training Faculty

Our certified faculty guides every student at our training centre through a series of sessions over a period of 6 weeks. These sessions help the aspirants to learn the basic fundamentals of .NET and the concepts of object oriented programming. Our team of experts explains every concept to the students with real life examples and practical implementation, which gives a clear understanding of the use of various elements that are involved to write a program syntactically, debug the errors and successfully run the code to get the desired output.

.NET Technology:

.NET tools and technologies required to construct networked applications as well as distributed web applications and web services. The .NET framework gives the necessary compile time & run time foundation to build and run any language that conforms to the common language specification (CLS).
The major parts of the .NET framework are Common Language Runtime (CLR) which basically executes and manage all running codes just like a virtual machine and .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) which is a collection of language independent and type safe reusable classes.
.NET frameworks Base Class Library enables user interface, cryptography, web application development, data access, numeric algorithm, network communications and database connectivity.

.NET Training Program:

As part of the 6 weeks training program in .NET, the candidate will also come across the basics of HTML with JavaScript and CSS and also become proficient in developing web pages with adaptive user interface and advanced graphics. Learning the concept of real time communication by using web sockets will also fascinate the students.
Various other concepts like developing, testing, structuring, deploying and debugging ASP .NET MVC 4 web applications are also covered in the .NET curriculum by our certified faculty in the 6 weeks industrial training program.

.NET Training Content:

  • Introduction to.NET
  • Web Forms Architecture
  • ASP .NET and HTTP:
    • Request/Response Programming
    • HttpRequest Class
    • HTTP Collections
    • HttpResponse Class
    • Redirection
    • HttpUtility Class
  • Web Applications Using Visual Studio
  • State Management and Web Applications:
    • Session State
    • Application State
    • Multithreading Issues
    • Cookies
  • Server Controls
  • Caching in ASP.NET
  • Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling
  • NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals
  • More Server Controls:
    • Newer ASP.NET Controls
    • Menus
    • Master Pages
  • NET and LINQ
  • Data Controls and Data Binding
  • LinqDataSource
  • QueryExtender
  • Personalization and Security:
    • Configuration Overview
    • Themes
    • Skins
    • Security in ASP.NET
    • Membership and Roles
    • Login Controls
    • User Profiles
  • NET Ajax

Being able to style and make the web applications highly responsive is a trait which an employer looks in a knowledgeable .NET developer.
At Aptech Malviya Nagar, our faculty of experienced industry professionals guides our students through the latest cutting edge technology available in our world class labs, thus leaving no stone unturned to help our student get their desired job in the industry.