configuring firewall course

Configuring Firewall course in Delhi

Configuring Firewall course in Delhi requires the knowledge of how to operate and maintain a proper firewall. The Configuring Firewall course in Delhi helps students to learn the proper skills need in order to configure, maintain, and operate the firewall features that are available in the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances.

What you will learn in this Configuring Firewall course in Delhi:

  • The basics of the Cisco ASA firewall.
  • How to permit traffic between different security levels.
  • How to configure NAT/PAT
  • How to configure SSL VPN

Course Description:

The individuals taking this Configuring Firewall course in Delhi must have completed ICND2 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 2, as well as IINS Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security. Those who should attend the class include anyone who has the responsibility of implementing and maintaining a Cisco ASA firewall, network security specialists and technicians, as well as candidates who are in pursuit of CCNP Security certification.
The class has recently been enhanced to provide a greater learning experience for the students. Each of the labs has been revamped in order to provide a greater depth of learning for the students and from this, students will learn to use the ASA 5520 appliances to work through configuring access control to and from the network. Also examined is the PIX firewall and the Firewall Services Module, which only further expands on the knowledge needed to setup and maintain a functional and efficient firewall using the Cisco ASA product family.
At the end of this Configuring Firewall course in Delhi, students will be able to use the Modular Policy Framework to supply unique policies to specific data flows, while also using application inspection in order to deal with advanced protocols. Students will be instructed in the correct steps needed in order to carry out a deep packet inspection of application layer traffic. Also covered throughout the class is an in-depth look at how to troubleshoot Syslog, Packet Tracer, and packet capture. Students will be proficient in configuring access-control based on authenticated users while also being able to configure threat detection in order to meet security policy requirements. Considerable time will be spent in configuring the security appliance while in transparent mode and students should be feel very comfortable at the end of the class with this aspect of the Cisco Firewall.
The Configuring Firewall course in Delhi is broken up into six parts and thirteen different labs. These will all prepare the student to be ready to implement and utilize the Cisco Firewall to its fullest potential.

Cisco ASA Adaptive Security Appliance

  • Technology and Feature
  • ASA Family

Basic Connectivity and Device Management

  • Cisco ASA and Cisco ASDM
  • Interfaces and Static Routing
  • Basic Devices Management Features
  • Management Access

Cisco ASA Access Control Features

  • Basic Access Control
  • Modular Policy Framework
  • Basic Stateful Inspection Features
  • Application-Layer Policies
  • Advanced Access Controls
  • Resource Limits and Guarantees
  • User-Based Policies

Cisco ASA Network Integration Features

Cisco ASA Virtualization and High Availability Features

  • Virtualization Features
  • Redundant Interfaces
  • Active/Standby High Availability Failover
  • Active/Active High Availability Failover

Cisco ASA Security Service Modules

  • AIP-SSM and AIP-AIP-SSC Module Integration
  • CSC-SSM Module Integration