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English Language Training

English is a universal language of business and communication . Individuals, who can write, read, speak and English confidently can explore new career paths.
We train you say it correctly say it in English. Be Competitive internationally and communicate in English Fluently.It isn’t simple chance that has made us the foremost institute with worldwide name and fame. Many best social media portals have acknowledged Aptech malviya nagar as the most favored English speaking course providing Institute. We are a one-stop answer for all your English dialect related requirements, where we dissolve the notoriety of English as being so fearsomely troublesome. We make our understudies encounter the uncommon chance to take in the attraction of English.

Spoken English

Grammar appraisal tests determine the eligibility of the applicants to join the pre-intermediate, intermediate
or upper intermediate level.
• Pre-Intermediate
• Intermediate
• Upper Intermediate

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Our Courses

Grammar appraisal tests determine the eligibility of the applicants to join the pre-intermediate, intermediate or upper intermediate level.

Spoken English

Elementary Level

Basic Level

Advanced Level

Comprehensive Course

Group Discussion

Those who can converse in English without committing grammatical errors can opt for this course.

Personality Development

Will delve into various aspects of personality traits, such as, attitude, perceptions, self motivation, values & beliefs etc

English speaking course for Beginner

Individuals with preceding awareness of alphabet and some basic terminology,along with the capability to understand are eligible for the course.

During the course learn to:
• Address people with right titles
• Use the correct descriptive adjectives
• Use correct phonic sound of alphabets
• Speak about daily and weekly activities
• Use ‘be’ forms of verb in simple present tense
• Use different ways of greeting and taking leave from people

Business Communication

This course is appropriate for working proficients and job in search of students.
A grammar appraisal test decides the membership in this course.

The business communication course trains individuals to:
• Grasp important points
• Guess the meaning of new words
• Attend an interview with confidence
• Draft a letter and accept a job proposal
• Understand telephone language accurately
• Frame sentences using conditional clauses
• Read paragraphs and interpret their meaning correctly
• Use present continuous for future meeting arrangements
• Apply knowledge of combination in written communication
• Identify the crux of various texts and title them appropriately
• Identify and use modal verbs of obligation during conversations
• Use present simple and present continuous during discussions
• Apply knowledge of past simple verbs in written communication
• Make suitable use of past simple tense in verbal communication

Key Facts

  • Placement test to ensure a class at the right level
  • Regular progress checks
  • Daily homework
  • Multi-national classes
  • All course material provided
  • Regular tutorials with class teacher to give study advice
  • Use the Study Centre after lessons
  • End of course certificate with hours of study and final level

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