tourism management training


We provide a tourism management training to students who are interested in making a career in the tourism industry. Individuals who want to develop their skills and secure a job in the tourism industry by learning tourism industry terms, tourism operations, reservations, ticketing and life skills.

We have a major commitment to providing students with high-quality training and thus raise the standard of the tourism sector in India and abroad. Our Tourism management programs help turn aspirants into professionals capable enough to handle their responsibilities.

This training program in tourism management is a unique amalgamation of functional, theoretical and managerial study. This imbibes our aspirants with a widespread set of skills that help them become the future torchbearers of the tourism industry.

After completion of this tourism management course, we provide our students with internships in the leading aviation companies so as they learn the practical part of the sector.


With this tourism management training, you will identify with the difference in planning for inbound travel to India or outbound travel to an alien country. You will also be capable to separately plan, cost & coordinate a vacation travel program everywhere in the world. You will be proficient to afford best charge deals to passengers, and make sure smooth travel for your customers


  • Soft skills
  • Foreign exchange
  • Cruise destinations
  • Air fares and ticketing
  • Persona management
  • Travel agency operations
  • Service quality & service care
  • India as a destination – Inbound
  • International destination – Outbound

How to join / eligibility

To link this job- oriented course, you require class 10+2 or 12 in Commerce, Science, Arts or any other field. A 3-year diploma in engineering or other field, from a state board of industrial education, is also accepted.

Course Highlights

  • Get 100% job placement assistance
  • Understand how the travel agencies work
  • Learn to calculate airfares and classify them
  • Quickly complete the course using fast-track option
  • Identify the principles that govern foreign exchanges
  • Acquaint with demographics and culture of popular Indian & international tourist destinations

Job roles

Tour Leader

As a tour leader, you will organise and plan ours around a specific location of curiosity. Your job  include contacting the ticketing officers to reserve tickets, arranging accommodation, hiring local tour guides and handling any problem that occur during the trip.

Fares & Ticketing Officer

Your occupation role includes issuing airline and travel tickets, fare construction, and making travel & flight reservations.

Operation Executive

Operation executives task for travel & tourism companies and are principally responsible for managing day-to-day operations of the business.

Travel Company Owner

Set up your personal travel & Tourism Company in India or international destinations.

Itinerary Planner

As an itinerary planner, you will arrangement your customer’s trip or tour after considering features like location, meals, weather, time taken, monument information, the timings of the monuments and its closure.

Foreign Exchange Clerk/ Consultant

As a foreign exchange clerk/ consultant, you will procedure cash transactions in national & foreign currencies, and afford customer service. You may work in banks, Forex organizations and exchange offices.

Language Interpreter

People with ability in two or more foreign languages can work as a language interpreter in multi-national companies & news agencies, translation & interpretation agencies.