The Cabin-Crew-Air-Hostess-Training course is meant for individuals who aspire to become an Air hostess/flight stewards in the leading airlines. We at Aptech Malviya Nagar provide students with high-quality training in the field of aviation hospitality so as to make them an accomplished employee at the end of the training program.

Many young individuals choose the profession of cabin crew as their full-fledged career because of the excitement and experience that it provides while on the job flying to various places, meeting new people from different backgrounds and the high remunerations it provides. No other day in this profession is same as the previous one thus it keeps you excited and always looking forward to something new.

Qualities required for a cabin crew:

This occupation demands from an applicant a lot of smartness, pledge hard work and dedication. The occupation profile of a cabin crew involves various responsibility related to safety and service of the visitors. Thus making this exciting occupation a highly responsible one as well.


The course recommends fully awareness about a wide range of subjects including personality development, communication skills, safety & security, presentation skills and in-flight services.


  • Soft skills
  • Inflight service
  • Inflight safety & security
  • Persona management
  • Presentation & communication skills
  • Language enhancement – Phonetics and ESL
  • Language enhancement – Mechanics of grammar

How to join / eligibility

To connect this career-building course, you require class 12 in any subject. In addition you should assemble the following criteria:

  • Good eyesight
  • Proficiency in English
  • Age – 18-24 years old
  • Weight in proportion to height
  • Height – 5 feet & above (Female)/ 5.5 feet & above (Male)

Cabin-Crew-Air-Hostess-Training Course Highlights

  • Get 100% job placement assistance
  • Be job ready with the help of mock interview sessions
  • Quickly complete the course using fast-track option
  • Gain job-skills for careers in Indian & international airlines
  • Understand the principles of aviation, passenger handling & airport management
  • Improve your presentation & communication skills, and learn various makeup techniques & hairstyles

Job roles

Cabin Crew

As a cabin crew associate, you will make sure the calm and safety of passengers during an airline flight. You will also be liable for conference the passengers on protection standards specific to the aircraft in a safety exhibition.

Passenger Handling

As a passenger handling supervisor, you make certain smooth check-in, luggage convey & ticket services for patrons. The good quality service that you afford adds to the goodwill of the airline.

Baggage handlers

Baggage handlers make sure that the customer’s baggage arrives according to its final destination tag, on time. You will be responsible for arrangement and loading of baggage.

In Flight Service & Security

In-flight service & security profession includes risk management, risk identification, incidence reporting and safety assurance.  It is your responsibility to make sure overall security and safety of the passengers and staff associates in the flight.

Customer Service

As an airline patron service manager, you will be responsible for making sure that travelers and their luggage carefully board the correct aircraft at the accurate time. You need to give passengers a humid welcome and ensure a positive occurrence.