Aptech Malviya Nagar provides a training program for students in airport management, which enables the aspirants to make a career in the aviation industry with domestic as well as international airlines. Every year in the world, millions of passengers travel via air. Making the airport one of the busiest places with people working round the clock handling flights, these individuals are known as Ground Staff.

Our training program made for specializing in airport ground services is structured for aspirants who have a zest to work at international level while meeting and assisting people from all over the world.

The profession of airport management requires hard work, smartness, commitment, and dedication. The airport management course is designed to cover all aspects of airport ground handling as well as personality and communication skill development. After completing this course an individual can work at an airport with various domestic and international airlines. A person having a decent personality and good interpersonal skills can opt for flying as well after gaining some experience as ground staff.

Course covers

This course provides proficient learning prospects by combining classroom lessons and practical learning sessions. You will also get skilled in all characteristic of aviation management – starting from in-flight experience to ground handling, people & resource management at the airport, cargo & load management, to calculating fares and issuing tickets.

  • Soft skills
  • Load & trim
  • Cargo & DGR
  • Flight scheduling
  • Aviation operations
  • Persona management
  • Principles of aviation
  • Airport ramp management
  • Customer service for global clientele
  • Resource management at airports
  • In-flight safety and security
  • Passenger handling
  • Security & legislation
  • Ancillary services
  • Airline & airport organisation
  • Air fares and ticketing

How to join / eligibility

To join this career-building course, you need class 10+2 or 12 in Arts, Commerce, Science or any other field. A 3-year diploma in engineering or other field, from a state board of technical education, is also valid.

Airport Management Course highlights

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the principles & operational procedures of the aviation industry
  • Recognize the tasks and responsibilities related with human resource at the airport, elements of trim,fuel-efficiency, and the functionality of the load sheet
  • Gain job-skills for careers in passenger handling, airport operations and management
  • Quickly complete the course using fast-track option
  • Improve your presentation & communication skills
  • Get 100% job placement support

Passenger Handling

As a traveler taking care of official, you pledge smooth check-in, luggage transfer and ticket administrations for clients. The great administration that you give adds to the goodwill of the airline.

Cargo & Transportation

You will be in charge of the protected and auspicious development of all loads. Organize and regulate the unloading, stacking, securing, and arranging of aircraft baggage or cargo.

In Flight Service & Security

In-flight service & security job includes risk management, incident reporting, risk identification, and safety assertion.  It is your responsibility to make sure overall protection, staff members in the flight & security of the passengers.

Customer Service

As an airline customer service mediator, you will be liable for making sure that passenger and their luggage carefully board the accurate aircraft at the correct time. You need to give passengers a humid welcome and make sure a positive experience.

Cabin Crew

As a cabin crew associate, you will make certain the safety and calm of passengers through an airline flight. You will also be responsible for conference the passengers on safety standards precise to the aircraft in a safety revelation.

Fares & Ticketing

Admissions and ticketing administration take and affirm travelers’ bookings for transportation. You will likewise issue tickets and answer inquiries regarding plans and rates, mastermind solicitations laying out rates and charges, and acknowledge installment from travelers.

Load & Trim

As a cargo and trim executive, you will do the weight and balance computation of aircraft according to the arranged figures of travelers, cargo, bags and mail on the aircraft, issue stacking guidelines and load sheet, and hold fast to the statutory and administrative requirements for safe loading of aircraft.

Baggage Handlers

Baggage handlers make sure that the passengers’ luggage arrives according to its final objective tag, on time. You will be responsible for categorization and loading of baggage.