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            • College Introduction
            • Introduction to Wenzhou

              Wenzhou is a prefecture-level city in southeastern Zhejiang province, People's Republic of China. It is located in the middle section of the 18,000km-long east coast of China, intersecting the two economic zones of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River Deltas. It is the center of economy, culture and transportation in south Zhejiang Province. The city has a land area of 12,083 square kilometers, and sea area of 8,649 square kilometers. At the end of 2019, Wenzhou had a permanent resident population of 9.3 million. In 2019, the GDP of Wenzhou reached 660.6 billion RMB. 

              Wenzhou has a history which goes back to 2500 BC. It was a prosperous foreign treaty port, which remains well-preserved today. It is situated in a mountainous region and, as a result, has been isolated for most of its history from the rest of the country, making the local culture and language very different from those of neighbouring areas. It is also known for its emigrants who leave their native land for Europe and the United States, with a reputation for being enterprising natives who start restaurants, retail and wholesale businesses in their adopted countries. At present, there are over 175 million Wenzhou people who started their business in China as well as 68 million Wenzhou business owners worldwide. They have built a network of business owners that covers the whole nation and links the world. 

              Wenzhou is an important pioneer in the reform and opening-up of China, and a typical success of socialist theory with Chinese characteristics. Over 50 national and provincial reform pilot projects have been carried out in Wenzhou. As one of market economy’s birthplaces in China, the city’s private economy is well developed, providing a strong foundation for various industries. Over 40 national manufacture bases have been established in Wenzhou, such as “capital of electric appliance” and “capital of shoes” in China. The city received many honorary titles, such as “national model city of good quality”, “national model city of intellectual property right”, and so on. 

              During the “13th Five Year Plan”, Wenzhou aims to improve the status of Zhejiang “iron triangle”, spared no effort to facilitate industry transformation and upgrading. It will implement “Five Theme strategy (ecology, information, fashion, urban, international)”, and jointly promote its transformation in economy, urbanization, and social aspects. It will strive to build a model city of private economy innovation, a key city in China’s south-east coastal areas, and an exemplary city of the all-round well-off society. Wenzhou has a strong continuous demand for high-end talent. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for higher vocational education. 

              Introduction to WZPT

              Upon the approval of the Ministry of Education, Wenzhou Polytechnic (WZPT) was founded through the amalgamation of Wenzhou Business School, Wenzhou School of Economics, Wenzhou Machinery Industrial School and Wenzhou Spare-time Technology University in 1999. Its history dates back to 1956. The college was funded by Wenzhou Municipal Government, and supervised by Department of Education of Zhejiang Province. Now it is a “double high” higher vocational college, national model of higher vocational college, a key higher vocational college in Zhejiang, an advanced organization of vocational education in China, and a pilot school of modern apprenticeship approved by the Ministry of Education. It is also a state-level maker space rated by the Ministry of Science and Education, one of the first batch of four-year vocational colleges, and a civilized organization of Zhejiang Province. 

              WZPT has 4 campuses, namely Chashan, Ruian, Adult Training and Design College of Wenzhou. Chashan campus is the main campus which located in the picturesque Wenzhou Higher Education Park. WZPT takes up a total area of is 1087.2 mu (about 0.725 km2). Its building area is 354000 m2. The college has teaching equipment worth of 167 million RMB, a library collection of 1.08 million books. It has over 720 staff members, among which 248 people have sub-senior professional titles or above (including 46 professors and 8 master supervisors). At present, WZPT has about 11100 full-time students. The employment rate of its graduates has been over 98% in the last 14 years. In the past five years, its students have won over 500 awards in provincial and national kill contests. 

              WZPT has 7 departments: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electric Engineering, Department of Architectural Engineering, Department of Information Technology, Department of Business Management, Department of Finance, Ruian College, College of Design and Innovation. In total there are 39 majors, which mainly consists of engineering-related majors. Design-related majors and majors in economics and management are also developed in a balanced way. At the moment, it has won 4 first and second prizes of national teaching achievements and 6 first prizes of provincial teaching achievements. It has 21 national majors such as national backbone major, national demonstration key major, 24 provincial advantageous specialties, 2 four-year higher vocational pilot majors, 2 national teaching resource banks, 8 national training bases, 10 provincial training bases, 7 national excellent courses.

            Address: Wenzhou Polytechnic, University Town, Chashan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China Tel: +86 (0577)8668 1372 Fax: +86 (0577)8668 1372 E-mail:gjc#wzvtc.cn (Please send # into @)
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