English is the international language of communication and business. Aptech English Learning Academy provides professional training in English language & communication, especially through the use of the Digital Language Lab.

English Language Training

English is a global language of communication and business. Individuals, who can speak, read and write English fluently can explore new career paths.

Aptech English Learning Academy provides courses designed by Middlesex University, UK. In addition to regular classes, students benefit from practical sessions conducted in the Digital Language Lab

Each centre has a library of the latest resources in English language teaching such as journals, books, videos, CDs & online material.

The self-access centers encourage students to study independently at any time convenient to them and offer material and equipment to aid the same.

Aptech English Learning Academy offers training in:

Spoken English

A grammar assessment test determines the eligibility of the candidates to join the pre-intermediate, intermediate or upper intermediate level.

Learn to speak about every day routine

Learn to pronounce past simple verbs

Learn to pronounce past form of irregular verbs

Learn to use comparative and superlative adjectives correctly during conversations

Learn to read paragraphs attentively

Learn to use proper etiquettes and manners while conversing

Learn to listen to narratives

Foundation Course (for young learners)/Beginner’s English

Foundation course (for young learners)/Beginner's English

Individuals with prior knowledge of alphabet and some basic vocabulary, along with the ability to comprehend are eligible for the course. During the course learn to:

  • Use correct phonic sound of alphabets
  • Use different ways of greeting and taking leave from people
  • Address people with right titles
  • Use ‘be’ forms of verb in simple present tense
  • Use the correct descriptive adjectives
  • Speak about daily and weekly activities

Speak correct English today!

Business Communication

This course is suitable for working professionals and job-seeking students. A grammar assessment test determines the participation in this course.

The business communication program trains individuals to:

Use present simple and present continuous during conversations

Read paragraphs and interpret their meaning accurately

Apply knowledge of juxtaposition in written communication

Make appropriate use of past simple tense in oral communication

Identify the crux of various texts and title them appropriately

Apply knowledge of past simple verbs in written communication

Identify and use modal verbs of obligation during conversations

Interpret telephone language accurately

Grasp important points

Use present continuous for future meeting arrangements

Guess the meaning of new words

Attend an interview with confidence

Draft a letter and accept a job proposal

Frame sentences using conditional clauses

Digital Language Lab

The Digital Language Lab is a unique concept used to give students a hands-on learning experience, enabling them to practice and master the language through innovative tools. It combines the four basic principles for acquiring proficiency in any language – listening, speaking, reading and writing

Teachers are trained in the Digital Language Lab software so that they can guide the students better.

Advantages of Digital Language Lab:

  • The class is assisted and monitored by a teacher
  • Native speakers’ voice used as model to teach
  • Listeners can record their words and compare accents and pronunciations
  • Listeners can repeat the recording several times
  • Listening and recording for work and tests can be controlled by teachers
  • Corrections can be added by teachers in the students’ work files
  • Flexibility of schedule for students and teachers
  • Efficiently track time spent by students on various assignments